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Plastics production

Plastics production with blow moulding

These products were made by blow moulding, done by Techmould.

Oil collector for windmills

Plastic production with blow mould machines

Container for fluid sugar

Dimensions: 275 x 200 x 40cm
Material: PE
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Plastics production with injection moulding

Both trays below have been made with injection moulding, done by Techmould.
Techmould also produces the injection moulds for Tray #2.

Plastic production on injection machines

Tray 1 (used for flowers)

Dimensions: 400 x 300 x 80cm and
400 x 300 x 130cm
Material: PP Copolymer
Plastic production on injection machines

Tray 2 (used for flowers)

Dimensions: 500 x 250 x 180cm
Material: PP Copolymer
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